Is your Internet Service Provider taking you for a ride?

Many Internet Service Providers brag and boast about how fast their service is and how slow their competitors are. Find out if you're being shafted by your ISP right now!

Test Your Internet Speed

A simple upload and download process will assist you in accurately determining your current internet connection speed. Don't take your ISP's word for it! Check it yourself!

In Order to get the Most Accurate Results

To ensure that your internet speed test is as accurate as possible, follow these tips:

An angry Cable Internet Customer:

I recently made the switch from my long-time, highly reliable DSL Internet Connection over to the "faster" Cable service. Boy was I in for a surprise! Sure it was faster... In between 11 PM & 4 AM on Friday & Saturday nights. I cancelled my contract and went back to my trustworthy DSL connection, may not be the fastest, but at least it's steady and reliable. Thanks guys, you helped me uncover the truth behind these fraudsters.

Take Control of your Internet Connection Options! Don't ever be fooled by another ISP again. With this technology, ISP's will have to start owning up to their marketing claims. So go ahead, test, test, and re-test your internet connection speed. Then you can make a wise decision based on actual facts.

- Edward Ziliano